How Kore Industries Ensures Quality Plastic Parts and Gears

Kore Industries guarantees AGMA quality with all of our plastic gears and the highest standards with our plastic parts. We do this to ensure that not only will our customers get exactly what they are paying for, but that we also continue to uphold our own vision of what precision plastic injection molding should be.

We hold ourselves to the highest possible industry practices because we believe in our ability to produce quality products. We are also aware that many sectors rely on our plastic parts and gear to make sure that their own goods are top-notch. To that end, we rely on several key factors to help guide our ability to produce the best plastic parts and plastic gears. 

Design Precision

The most basic quality control mechanism that we have in place is ensuring that we have the best design to start the process. This is the part where we make sure that we get every single part of the plastic part or the gear right. 

Whether we are doing stack mold manufacturing or double shot injection or whatever, this is the part that we need to get right. By doing so, we are can confidently move forward with the production process. 

On that note, we also already have multiple molds that adhere to industry-standard plastic gears. This means that for projects that require gears for more common schematics, we are ready to fulfill orders at any time. 


Being able to produce plastic parts and gears quickly, with less waste, and with lower costs is also a standard that we aspire to. This means that we have endeavored to make sure that our manufacturing processes are as efficient as they can possibly be. 

We have done this through years of experience, cutting-edge techniques and technical expertise, and a team of talented personnel. Of course, precision plastic injection molding is already an efficient process in and of itself.

For our part, we simply made sure to have the right design, use the right materials, and create steps and protocols that reduce inefficiencies and waste. With all of that, we also made sure that any corrections that need to be made would be addressed right away. 

This is why the design stages are so important to us. We always aim to knock out any problems right from the start so that production becomes smoother for the rest of the way. 

Quality Check

During the production process, we always keep vigilant attention to the quality of the plastic parts and gears that we are producing. Anything can happen while the products are being melted, injected, molded, and cooled. 

Our concern is to always make sure that every single piece that we produce will be up to our standards. Nothing else will do. This is why we strive to make sure and avoid imperfections, imprecisions, and errors in the process. 

We have our talented personnel monitoring every single step of the process so that everything proceeds smoothly. Any deviation, any need for correction is addressed right away. 

Every single stage of the manufacturing process also undergoes strict quality monitoring and checking. This goes for the design, the production, the treatment, and the packaging. We will only ever ship plastic parts and plastic gears out that we are confident will meet the demands of our customers. 

Industry Standards

Naturally, on top of the high company standards that we are already employing at Kore Industries, we also keep to industry standards. With regard to plastic gears, we always keep the AGMA gear quality factors in mind. 

We also make sure to keep up with any changes to the standards that the association puts forth. This is how we can make sure that we are ahead of competitors and thus, our customers can always count on us to provide them with the best services. 

As for what these standards entail, they involve safety, best practices, product quality, efficiency, sustainability, functionality, and environmental responsibility. Measurements, designs, shapes, and uses are also details we keep a keen eye on. 

Such information is critical in ensuring that we are always giving our best when providing our services. These include such examples as:

  1. Two-shot molding
  2. Three-shot molding
  3. Thin wall molding
  4. Precision molding
  5. Clear parts molding
  6. White Color molding
  7. Cosmetic parts molding
  8. Unscrewing molding molding
  9. Mold spares inserts
  10. Mold replacement inserts


Kore Industries is proud to assure customers that our services will always be of the best quality because we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Every single plastic gear, casing, protective layers, and frames are produced with the utmost care and precision. 

We are also confident in the pool of talents that we have and the technical expertise that we have to offer in precision plastic injection molding

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