Kore Industries Core Services: How Does Injection Molding Work?

Kore Industries specializes in precision plastic injection molding manufacturing. It involves the production of sturdy and well-designed plastic parts and gear using melted plastic into meticulously designed casings. Through this process, we are able to provide flexible and specialized services for multiple industries. 

How does injection molding work? We will be discussing this, as well as many other aspects of this piece of manufacturing technology. We will also be covering different types of precision injection molding and the different standards by which they are done. 


What is Precision Plastic Injection Molding?

Precision plastic injection molding is a manufacturing technology that relies on melted synthetic materials that will be combined or shaped into multiple forms. While in its melted stated, these materials will be fed through a tube and into a case or mold. 

This mold will contain the shape of the end product, thus removing many of the cumbersome steps typically associated with most manufacturing methods. More importantly, however, Kore Industries uses only the latest in precision plastic injecting molding. As such, the final product that comes out will be of the best quality and with a high degree of precision.

Precision is a major core concept of injection molding. In many cases, the parts that are produced will be used in highly sensitive machinery. As such, it is imperative that flaws are avoided, which can cause significant problems with operations. 

In a little bit, we’ll be diving into multiple aspects of this process. What is double injection molding? How does it work? What are the requirements? We will be tackling these questions and more. 


Different Aspects of Injection Molding

Under the umbrella of precision, plastic injection molding is different aspects that affect its protocols and functions. These include the types of injection molding, which include:

  • Double shot injection molding
  • Overmolding
  • Stack molding

There are also other points of consideration that go into the process of injection molding. These are:

  • Materials
  • Melting points
  • Temperature control
  • Melting and cooling time
  • Mold design
  • Quality control

Also known as dual injection molding, double shot injection molding is basically the use of two materials for one part that will be fed through two nozzles. Incidentally, it is also known as multi-shot injection molding and the terms are often used interchangeably. 

So whenever anyone asks “What is Multi shot injection molding?” this is usually the answer. 

Overmolding is basically where layers of materials are created over each other. These can be of different types, but they must be compatible. A good example of this is synthetic skin over plastic parts. 

Stack molding is where two or more materials are stacked on top of each other at the same time, with each fulfilling different roles. This is an extremely complex process that requires meticulous control and choosing materials carefully. 

The biggest advantage of this type of injection molding is that it is more efficient and cuts the manufacturing process down significantly. The issue is that it can be difficult to pull off, but Kore Industries is proud to say that we are one of the few in Asia that is able to do so. 


Kore Industries Injection Molding

At Kore Industries, we use our cutting edge precision injection molding technology to produce some of the best plastic parts and gear in the business. We have a high customer rate of retention due to the fact that we maintain a high standard with our production process and our final products. 

Our plastic gears adhere to AGMA quality standards, which govern a significant aspect of today’s gear manufacturing markets. These days, whenever anyone asks “What is the quality of China’ Injection Molding?” it would be better to ask, what is AGMA quality instead. 

If a manufacturer adheres to this standard, it means that it is recognized as a producer of durable, reliable, and highly precise gear. That is what Kore Industries has to offer. 

On the matter of plastic parts, we maintain similarly high expectations of ourselves. This means that our quality control is among the best in the business. Each and every case, plastic accessory, and essential machine part is made with the matter of precision in mind. 

How Kore Industries Does Injection Molding

The Kore Industries protocols with regard to precision injection molding put a lot of emphasis on safety, reliability, durability, and precision. One of our biggest concerns is the quality of the materials that we will use, followed by the design of the mold. 

For us, it is not enough that plastic gears or parts look good. They should also last for a long time, can withstand pressure and punishment, and will be a major asset to sensitive machinery. We also make sure that none of the materials we use are toxic, especially those that come into contact with food. 

Our record shows that we have always delivered when it comes to meeting customer demands. This is because our quality control is also top-notch. Nothing ever leaves our manufacturing lines without being checked multiple times. 

This way, we can be confident in our products and in the satisfaction of our clients. 


Precision plastic injection molding is a versatile, reliable, and efficient manner of producing plastic parts and gear. Kore Industries has been in the injection molding business for many years. We have served many customers and our retention rate is over 90%

We are proud to say that our services are at the top of the market and we are fully capable of meeting consumer demands. We maintain high standards, both set down by authorities like AGMA and based on our protocols. This is how we are able to produce such excellent plastic gear molds and more.

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