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Plastic Injection Moulding

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  • Kore has been handling manufacture of complex moulds and moulding very well because of our strong foundation in making single-shot plastic injection mould and moulding.
  • We take strong pride in the fact that at least 95% of our customers have been with us since we started until today.

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What is a Plastic Injection Mould?

A plastic injection mould is a specialized kind of processing tool specifically used in the process of plastic injection moulding. These moulds may be fixed or may have adjustable shape.

In addition, plastic injection moulds are constructed using special tool steel or aluminum with exceptional tensile strength, durability, thermal characteristics and material density.

What is Plastic Injection Moulding?

When raw material or plastic resin is heated to its melting point, simple and complex products of desired shape can be injection moulded.

During this injection moulding process, the melted semiliquid substance is forced into mould of specific shapes where it (the material) cools down and forms the end product with the help of a plastic injection moulding machine.

The everyday plastic gadgets such as household items, electronic casings, to automobile are some of the very instances of products created by plastic injection moulding.

Plastic injection process has been summarized and simplified in the following steps:

Design for manufacture (DFM)  → 3D CAD model of the part geometry is rendered toolable →

Mould Build
Sometimes prototype moulds are built and tested → production mould build → mould trial and review the quality and workmanship

Injection Process
Raw material is fed to the feed hopper during the actual plastic injection moulding process →
Plastic polymers will melt and forced into the open chambers →
Cooling of the product takes place and taken out of the mould after a specific period of time.→

Quality Control
Quality checks →
First Article Inspection (FAI) reports are submitted to the customer for review

Benefits of Plastic Injection Moulding

  • Versatility of the plastic moulded parts in terms of colors, texture and geometry
  • Complex parts could be manufactured in very high volumes at very low costs
  • Products of great strength and other functional characteristics can be conceptualized and created by the injection moulding process
  • Plastic injection moulding has excellent unit economics and quick volume ramp up capabilities by just building copy or capacity moulds for significant increase in demands

What are the different types of Plastic Injection Molding?

  • Single-shot moulding
  • Double-shot moulding and A.K.A multi-shots moulding or multi-color moulding (Link to multi-shot moulding page)
  • Over moulding and Insert Moulding (Link to over moulding and insert moulding Page)

What areas is Plastic Injection Molding best applied to?

The applications of the plastic injection moulding process can be observed in almost anything and everything that can be made of plastic.

Some of the examples are:

  • automobile parts
  • household appliances
  • medical devices
  • Housings for electronics
  • farming tools
  • packaging such as lip balm containers, caps, and so on.
  • Daily use combs, caps of bottles, wire insulations etc.

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