About Kore Industries

Established in 2003, Kore Industries has its beginnings as a specialized plastic injection mold manufacturer that focuses on the Automotive, Consumer Electronics and Banking ATM sector. It has since then expanded to more market sectors and formed two main divisions, namely Plastics and Electronics, to give a more holistic approach to some customers who might want box-build solutions.

Kore Industries now includes services beyond manufacturing high-demanding Plastic Injection Molds. It has widened its capability to manufacture complicated and specialized molds such as stacked molds, 2K molds as well as high multi-cavitations molds. Quality plastic mold making is made possible with our long-standing experience in highly-challenging industries. Constantly challenged by our customers to push for further breakthrough in our capability, we have proven our commitment by delivering successful challenging projects like stacked molds and 2K molds. Kore Industries understand the different plastic mold making needs our clients have, we are one of the most trusted injection mold manufacturer in Asia..  Find out more

Kore Plastics™

Kore Plastic’s other services include molding and manufacturing of metal components such as cutting inserts to fit our customer’s mold base overseas. Plastic molding is our other inherent expertise as we have covered highly demanding colour-matching custom plastic injection molding, 2K molding to over-molding projects. Find out more

Kore Electronics™

Our Electronics division that started in 2005, has since then delivered not just PCBA and R & D projects, but also box-build solutions for vending machines vendors, Gaming vendors and Consumer Electronics brand owners.

With our in-house Plastics and Electronics divisions, our foreign management in China and our professional team, we are confident that only quality work is being done and delivered. Find out more

Our products go into products made by great companies such as:
  • Georgio Pacific
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • GM
  • Audi