About Kore Industries

  • KORE INDUSTRIES comprises mainly of two divisions, namely, KORE PLASTICS and KORE ELECTRONICS.
  • Established since 2003, it is well-known for its provision of solutions to its customers.  It has built its strength and reputation in Plastic Injection Molds and Molding, Components Manufacture and EMS.
  • Years of experience in R&D and product development in products with Plastics, Metal and Electronics elements has led to a natural progression of providing box-build assembly solutions to our customers as well.
  • We understand that our customers have different working styles and standard protocols. So, we make it a point to work very closely and know our customers’ needs well.
  • We have kept to our process- and customer-driven philosophies; and we stand by the products that we ship out to our customers.
  • With wholly-foreign owned entities in China, you can be assured of quality and consistency in Kore’s deliveries.