Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Our Experience in Contract Manufacturing

With regard to the manufacturing services that Kore has to offer, please refer to the following:

  1. Consumer Electronics - We produce products such as power banks that can be used by both mass consumers and industrial companies. We make them powerful, reliable, and durable to provide the highest return.
  2. Household Appliances - We are capable of manufacturing a wide variety of household and corporate appliances, including robot vacuums. We also specialize in creating modules for air purifiers with the highest in terms of efficiency and affordability.
  3. Industrial Products - We make products used by major companies for use in their facilities such as dust sensors, industrial grade fans, dust and chemical filters, and more.
  4. Outdoor Gear - We produce accessories for outdoor use such as holsters for camera lenses, attachments, and even DIY gadgets for external use.
  5. Infant & Baby-Feeding Accessories - Our baby and infant sector includes parts and materials for use in feeding. They include sippy cups, fruit infusion filter bottles, and milk powder dispensers.

    With regard to any of the products that we produce for babies and children, we make sure to use only non-toxic materials while employing rigorous standards. We make it a point to prevent any chance of contamination and ensure the safety of the products for use.

Why Kore Contract Manufacturing?

At Kore Industries, we make it a point to provide our clients with only the best in precision-manufacturing solutions. Our services involve meticulous craftsmanship, expert assembly, cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and top-notch customer services.

Whether it is in the form of precision plastic moulding, the production of plastic gears, or box build assembly services, we are more than happy to oblige.

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What is Box Build Assembly?

For customers requiring a turnkey solution to their products or product development we offer the box-build assembly option. Also known as the systems integrations, our electrical engineering team at Kore would develop the electronics concepts and build the product mock ups based on the prototype boards for tests.

Our process for a turnkey product solution could start as early as the concept development stage.

The following is a list of contract manufacturing services Kore Industries can provide:

  • PCBA
  • sub-level product assembly
  • product assembly
  • packaging
  • labeling
  • testing
  • warehousing

Do provide us with the full detail of the product, functional and test requirements together with the Bill-of-material for us to review. From the information given we would be able to work out the costs, timing as well as the processes required for the program.

For more accurate quotes and timing estimates please include:

  1. product dimensions
  2. Bill-of-materials
  3. 3D part CAD
  4. Mock-up or prototype units (or samples)
  5. Detailed test and certification requirements (UL,CE, ROHs, REACH, etc)
  6. packaging and shipping requirements

The Box Build Process

The success of both complex and simple box build assembly depends upon thorough requirements provided by customer and review with the contract manufacturer. The more information on hand to discuss with the customer provides us during the planning phase can result in a faster, higher quality, and safer product.

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