Plastic Gears

We manufacture plastic gears of up to AGMA 6 standard

Precision Plastic

We manufacture tight-tolerance parts of +/-0.05mm

Multi-Shot Parts

We manufacture up to 3 different components in a shot


Kore can handle multi-component parts that are over molded

Factory Tours

We invite you to visit our plant

Box Build Assembly

We provide one-stop turnkey solutions for your program

Stack Mold

We are leaders in multiple parting line stack & tandem molds

Insert Molding

We specialise in complex multiple-inserts insert molding

Additional Services

  • Two-shot molding
  • Three-shot molding
  • Thin wall molding
  • Precision molding
  • Clear parts molding
  • White Color molding
  • Cosmetic parts molding
  • Unscrewing molding molding
  • Mold spares inserts
  • Mold replacement inserts
  • Non-standard Mold components
  • In-mold assembly
  • Glass-fiber reinforced plastics molding
  • Automotive molding
  • Medical molding
  • High volume disposable items molding
  • Professional tool shop
  • In-house toolshop
  • Professional In-house mold maintenance
  • Professional in-house mold repair
  • Meticulous mold maintenance documentation
  • Dedicated mold Maintenance crew
  • Precision tool shop
  • Mold-in-Color & textured parts molding
  • Desiccant dryers & moisture analyzer
  • Controlled environment molding
  • Scheduled mold maintenance program
  • Inserts steel checks
  • 3D steel scans

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