3 Benefits and Common Misconceptions About Stack Moulding

Stack moulding improves productivity, lessens the manufacturing time, and reduces the cost of production processes. These are great benefits in general, but they are even more advantageous if your company has product quantity requirement amounting to millions. As such, a number of companies in the U.S. and Europe are already making the most out of the stack moulds that Kore Industries have built because of these benefits.

To better understand what stack moulding has to offer your company, let us learn the specific benefits that this process provides.

Benefits of Stack Moulding

  1. Using stack moulds can double the production of an injection machine. It increases output capacity without increasing the number of moulds or machine size.
  2. It provides versatility. Stack moulds allows the creation of several different parts for one product in one run.
  3. It can lower the cost of operation. Since a stack mould only needs half the tonnage to produce twice as much products, the cost of operation is significantly decreased.

Many businesses have benefited from the stack moulding process of Kore Industries. And since the demand is high, they have built multiple stack and tandem moulds which are now being used in different countries worldwide.

Unfortunately, not everyone believes that plastic injection moulding manufacturers can help companies increase their production, especially when they say such a process can nearly double the results. Certain misconceptions prevent them from experiencing stack moulding’s full potential.

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3 Common Misconceptions about Stack Moulding

  1. Stack moulds are a challenge to set up. This misconception comes from the fact that setting up the Stack mould's rack-and-pinion mechanism takes a person more than 30 minutes to finish. Yes, it takes that long. But it is definitely not hard to do. There is nothing complicated with the step by step process as long as you follow the instructions.
  2. Maintenance is hard. If you find conventional moulds easy to maintain, then you will find stack moulds just the same. These tools only require you to keep shutoff surfaces cleaned free of dirt and contaminants. However, please allocate for up to twice the time to perform maintenance compared to a conventional mould. After all, it is technically two moulds build into one
  3. Moving parts of the mould need grease all the time. In contrast to applying grease at all times, process technicians only apply grease on the side gear mechanism regularly so that it can open and close smoothly. Even though racks and gears of the machine is heat treated to eliminate wear, it is necessary to periodically disassemble them for cleaning and lubrication. When this is done, everything will function smoothly.

Companies have dramatically improved their overall production from the stack moulds that an injection molding company like Kore Industries build. So you can rest assure that the misconceptions on stack moulds and similar multiple parting line moulds mentioned above are just that, simply not true.

So, if you want your company to profit more than it does now, give stack moulding a chance. You will be able to prove the misconceptions about this process wrong yourself.

Learn more about stack moulding and other manufacturing processes that will significantly increase your productivity at lower costs. Get in touch with Kore Industries today for a no obligation consultation.

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