9 Reasons Why Injection Moulded Plastic Gears are Today’s Top Choice

Gears have been in use since ancient times, when it was first made from stones, and up to this day, when we have the injection moulded plastic gears. Then, improvements were made and the gear was soon made from metal. But times are changing and things are becoming even better. And in this evolution, gears are being made out of different durable materials, one of which is plastics.

Plastic gears started out with very limited applications. Many were uncertain and highly doubtful when it comes to this material’s response to temperature, moisture and contact with other chemicals.  However, today, plastic gears are becoming the top choice for various applications, be it in manufacturing machines or simple every day devices. Its full potential is being unleashed.

Hence, injection moulded plastic gears are increasingly used because of its superiority over metals. But what makes plastic gears more advantageous than its metal counterpart?

Here, we will lay out 9 reasons why gears made of plastic is better than those made from other materials.

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  1. It is more accurate. Precision plastic gears can be achieved and are able to receive an AGMA rating of up to 10, as long as the plastic material used is consistent. Precision moulding accuracy and quality control processes helps to achieve this.
  2. It is more cost-effective. Generally, plastics are more affordable than metals. And according to Plastics Technology, plastic gears produced need little to no finishing touches. Thus, the cost of production is decreased to half or more than that of metal gear production. Now, low-cost plastic injection moulding has become quite a hit with manufacturers.
  3. It is lightweight. Plastic materials like nylon and acetal have a specific gravity of around 1.4. This is significantly less than the 7.85 specific gravity of metal, making plastic gears superior when it comes to weight.
  4. It is close to noiseless. This is one advantage of plastic gears that everyone will agree on. Metals can be quite noisy, especially with larger weight loads. With plastic gears, because of their noise-dampening properties, driving gears are as quite as possible.
  5. The design is flexible. Production of metals gears is highly restrictive. But when it comes to plastics, manufacturers have more freedom with the designs. The injection moulding process allows the creation of shapes for various gear types more easily.
  6. Bigger and stronger gears can be produced. Plastic gear parts can be made larger and wider, unlike metal ones, which are usually the same size. Because of this, plastic gears can bear greater load capacity.
  7. It has better shock absorption. Compared to metal gears, plastic ones are able to deflect and, therefore, absorb impact loads better. Moreover, plastic gears are effective at distributing localized loads due to errors in the tooth, as well as misalignment.
  8. They are immune to corrosion. Yes, plastics are not corrosive materials. While metals have limited use in water, certain chemicals and other like situations because their corrosive property, plastics can be freely used in such cases.
  9. The need for lubrication is eliminated. While plastics can be lubricated with grease or oil, its inherent lubricity makes it the perfect choice for applications that require dry gears.

Kore Industries produce plastic gears that have been tested and proven to be quite effective in many different applications. As a top plastic injection moulding manufacturer, the quality of our gears are topnotch, which is the reason why our customers have remained with us and have been using our gears throughout the years.

And now that you know why you should be using plastic gears, feel free to contact us with all your questions and we will help you without any obligation on your part. Send us a message through the Contact Us button.

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