Multi-Shot Injection Moulding: What is it and What are the Advantages to Using it?

Multi-shot injection molding is a highly versatile but a relatively less understood plastic processing technique. Multi-shot injection molding technique could be applied to plastic manufacturing process to substitute secondary processes like spray painting, multiple components assembly, such as seals and gaskets, just to name a few. What’s more, the implementation of multi-shot molding process greatly reduces the documentation costs like PPAP, improves the part functionality and overall part production costs. In other words, this plastic manufacturing process has numerous advantages compared to other processing methods. Plus, it is potentially environmentally friendly, too.

What is Multi-Shot Injection Molding?

Multi-shot plastic injection moulding provides a superior option to traditional injection moulding techniques of single injection and two-shot moulding. In the traditional processes, where a single or double injection is involved, materials are injected into separate moulds to create the end products.

With multi-shot injection, two or more materials can be injected into a single mold at the same time. This enables the combination of multiple materials into one production cycle.

How does this process work?

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What are the Advantages of Multi-Shot Injection Moulding?

Multi-shot injection molding

Multi-shot injection moulding brings a number of advantages to the traditional plastic injection moulding method. Here are some of them:

  • Multi-shot injection moulding offers greater flexibility at scale. This allows the production of more innovative products requiring customization with the incorporation of multiple colors and materials at quantities that offers superior unit economics.
  • Multi-shot injection moulding improves durability of the end products. Product replacement costs and higher brand equity is developed with the virtuous cycle of better quality and durability.
  • Multi-shot injection moulding reduces production and labor costs. Secondary manufacturing processes, which include painting, the adding of logos and texts, can be done in a single step, eliminating the need for more procedures and commensurately less labor.
  • Multi-shot injection moulding improves overall operating efficiency. Because of better and faster operations, high quality appearance are achieved by complex products all the while cutting the steps needed and decreasing the time it will usually take to finish.
  • Better end results are produced. Since the manufacturing processes require less production steps and have become more efficient, there is little room for mistakes. This, in turn, leads to improved process control and better overall quality with quantifiable costs savings.
  • Moulding multiple materials concurrently in one production cycle significantly decreases material, manpower and process waste. With of the accuracy and efficiency of multi-shot injection moulding, production errors are significantly reduced and quality related financial risks greatly mitigated.

Multi-shot injection moulding is an amazing manufacturing process with numerous benefits. And Kore Industries, one of the injection moulding manufacturers in Singapore, advocates it for this reason, as well as for our contribution and embrace of green manufacturing, where lesser is used to do more.

So, if you have the need for this kind of processing method, give us at Kore Industries a message and we will be glad to discuss the solutions to your needs. Click the Contact Us button below.

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