Kore Industries Core Services: Plastic Gear Molds

Kore Industries offers a wide range of precision plastic injection services. One of our core services is the production of Plastic Gear. The manufacturing process itself is done via precision plastic injection.

Only the latest precision plastic injection technology and methods are used. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in producing plastic gears. 

Precision is essential in producing these components. They are often used to build machines in the medical or manufacturing fields. As such, we prioritize making sure that each gear produced is flawless. 


Basic Overview of Plastic Gears

Plastic gears are critical components for numerous machines and mechanical architectures. They facilitate the transfer of energy to accomplish tasks of varying difficulty. 

Different types of plastic gears also have different functions. However, they can still interact with each other. This allows for more power generation, more efficient energy transfer, or saving space.

Plastic gears also come in different shapes and sizes. Even similar types of gears can have a difference in terms of thickness, width, and number of teeth. 

These aspects are meticulously considered when designing the gears. Most often, the nature of the machine or the purpose of the gears will dictate what the final product will look like.

As for the shapes of plastic gears available with Kore Industries, they include:

  1. Involute Gears
  2. Cycloidal Gears
  3. Trochoidal Gears

As one of the major specializations of Kore Industries, a huge part of the company’s expertise is with making plastic gear. With years of experience and refining industry standards, every single piece of the component is made with precision. 

Among the types of plastic gear components we make are:

  1. Spur Gears
  2. Helical Gears
  3. Worm Gears
  4. Bevel Gears
  5. Rack and Pinion Gears
  6. Internal Gears
  7. Miter Gears
  8. Screw Gears
  9. Fan Gears

Those are the types of gears that are most commonly ordered by clients. As such, standard molds for manufacturing them are already available for production at any time.


How We Make Plastic Gears

Our plastic gears are made using precision plastic injection molding. This is a process that has been growing significantly over the past few years. 

It continues to grow even more in certain sectors like the medical industry, even amidst the current viral outbreak.

The steps to make it happen are simple enough, as well. As soon as the order has been made, we move on to the following. 

Step 1. Create the design for the plastic gears and shaft. 

Step 2. Create the mold to hold the injected plastic.

Step 3. Feed the plastic into the mold for melting.

Step 4. Inject the melted plastic into the tightly sealed chamber.

Step 5. Allow to cool and remove.

Step 6. Check for deformities or imperfections. 

Over the years, Kore Industries has perfected these steps to a substantial degree. From start to finish, the quality of the final product is the main goal.

Years of experience has also led to the company having produced plastic gear for a wide variety of sectors. This is why, whether it is the food industry, to automotive, to the medical sector, and others, we are more than ready to fulfill demands.


A Closer Look at Plastic Injection Mold 

Plastic injection molding has become one of the biggest manufacturing trends in the world. Practically anything that can be made out of any other materials can be made using this method. 

What’s more, it is a significantly faster, cheaper, and more efficient model for production.

It might help to provide context with regard to what plastic injection molding is bout. To start with, it involves the use of special materials to create solid objects. These materials can be made of different components depending on what is being made.

However, all of these materials do share a few key qualities.

  1. They all have a reasonable melting point.
  2. They will solidify once they are cool.
  3. They retain their structural integrity after melting and cooling.
  4. Their molecular integrity does not change drastically when exposed to heat. 
  5. They are modular in that they can be customized in color, texture, hardness, and more. 

When it comes to plastic gears, the plastic materials used to create them need to be:

  1. Tough
  2. Durable
  3. Non-toxic
  4. Reasonably flexible

Plastic gears will be used to transfer energy in order to generate power, after all. However, they cannot be so rigid that they become brittle.

This is a big part of designing plastic gears and formulating the components they will be made out of. They need to strike a balance between being strong and being supple. 

The smoothness of energy transfer will depend on the materials. It must generate enough friction during contact without overheating. 

Once the process and the materials have been sorted out, precision injection molding becomes quite straightforward. It’s a process that involves very few steps, minimal risk of injury, and has advanced in terms of environmental responsibility. 


Kore Industries offers precision, reliability, and cost-effectiveness with its Plastic Gears products. These gears are made using precision plastic injection molding.

The company excels in:

  1. Fast, efficient, and reliable production. 
  2. Reasonably priced plastic gears and shafts.
  3. Guaranteed durability and strength of materials.
  4. Precision manufacturing.
  5. Expertise and experience in manufacturing plastic gears.

Whether it is contract manufacturing or other types of manufacturing arrangements, Kore Industries is able to accommodate clients’ needs. 


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