Kore Industries Services: What is a Stack Mold?

Kore Industries has multiple services on offer and among them is the process called a stack mold. This is one of the most complicated manufacturing methods in the precision plastic injection molding sector. And the typical methods are already complicated enough since accuracy and consistency are major factors that we need to pay attention to. 

In this piece, we will be looking into . What they are about. What they are for. And how they are done. As one of the core services that we are providing our clients, Kore Industries is also one of the few manufacturers that are able to maintain consistent and reliable results using this process. 

What is Stack Molds?

Stack molds or stack injection molding, as it is also called, is a multi-level plastic injection process that involves several layers and molding faces for producing the end product. This is to produce multiple layers or faces while only relying on one machine to get it done. 

This complicated setup is why stack injection mold is considered one of the most difficult plastic injection methods in the industry. It requires a considerable level of specialization and expertise.

Kore Industries is one of the few manufacturers able to provide such a service due to the combination of several essential factors. They include the presence of experts, the experience that we have after many years of being in the service, and the use of cutting-edge injection molding technology

What is Stack Molds For?

Stack injection molding is highly sought after because of how it can increase the production output by 100% or double what other injecting molding processes are capable of. This is due to the fact that that the stacks have multiple faces that can inject melted plastic for molding at the same time. 

Depending on how many faces are used, the output can be increased even further. This is important for large-scale projects that require a lot of layering and needs to be done as fast as possible.

When using more conventional injection molding processes, the time it would take to produce the same results would be double or more. More importantly, the assembly line would be even longer to catch up, which would require more machines, more space, and more personnel to maintain the quality of the products that are produced.

However, the biggest concern with regard to using stack injection molding has to do with the delays that mistakes could cause. If the steps are broken down into more numerous, smaller ones, the chances for errors to occur would increase. 

This is not to say that stack injection molding would be free from mistakes. However, if it is done well from the start and the mistakes are caught on time, the time it would take to fix them would be relatively short. 

There will also only be a need to keep watch for errors on a narrower scope since operators only have one machine to look after. 

How are Stack Molds Done?

Stack injection molding is done by having only one machine that is made up of multiple layers. This can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, but the basic structure is the same. There are typically three molds that are affixed to each other in this process.

First is the fixed mold, which is typically on the right side. This is what will facilitate the transfer of the material from the injection machine and guide the flow. This is how the molten plastic will be injected through each face for the molding process. 

Next is the middle mold, with a hot runner and a plate with cavities,. It will have two outer plates and the nozzles will also have heated features. Unlike the fixed mold, the middle mold will require guidance and will require a lot of finesse to support. 

Then there is the moving mold and it involves a lot of moving parts. It moves along with the plates for opening the mold. 

With all three parts together, the production process becomes something of a dance with precise control and flawless coordination. Mistakes often occur with the slightest miscalculations when movements and openings do not jive perfectly with one another.

This sensitivity in timing is one of the biggest reasons why stack injection molding is so difficult, along with the design and the technical hurdles that are presented by the technology. Kore Industries has managed to turn such a delicate process into an artwork. 


Kore Industries is proud to provide excellent precision plastic injection molding services and stack injection molding is one of our greatest achievements. We are one of the few manufacturers that is able to maintain consistent and reliable results while using this manufacturing method.

We are also proud to say that we have managed to provide satisfactory services to our customers that reflects our retention rate of over 90%. This goes for contract manufacturing and other types of plastic production arrangements. 


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