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Kore Industries is your precision plastic injection molding specialist of choice. Our line of services includes the production of plastic parts for a wide variety of applications and industries. With the threat of Covid-19 and the increasing need for precision plastic components and gears for medical devices, our services have become particularly critical.

Our plastic parts production process involves the use of precision injection technology that relies on high precision injection molds. We specialize in manufacturing parts with tight-tolerances, high-precision functional parts, high-precision plastic gears, multi-component parts and more. Thanks to the advanced, cutting-edge plastic injection molding technology that we employ, we are able to do this efficiently, repeatedly, and economically.

Precision Plastic Technology 

At Kore Industries, we only use the latest and most cutting-edge in precision plastic injection molding technology. This ensures that all of the plastic parts that we produce measures up to strict standards automotive, medical, and precision plastics industries. We are confident to be able to meet the demands of the most stringent customers. 

We also employ the strictest industry practices and adhere to the highest standards. This ensures that we always meet customer expectations, the chances of defective parts are minimized, and production is always on time and on budget.

Our services can be applied to multiple industries, most notably:

  • Automobile parts
  • Household appliances
  • Medical devices
  • Housings for electronics
  • Farming tools
  • Consumer Packaging 
  • Personal care disposables
  • Utility protection

Those are just a few examples of fields where precision plastic technology can be used. We also accept contracts that involve more specialized designs and requirements for plastic parts.


Plastic Parts

Plastic is among the most widely used material for all kinds of items in practically all industries in the world. At Kore Industries, we can produce a wide variety of parts that are designed well, are precisely molded, and consistently high-quality.

This is essential since our plastic parts are often used in daily essential items such as smartphones, baby bottles, medical machinery, and automotive. This means that we maintain a high standard to make sure that our build tolerances are always within precision specifications.

On the matter of the production process itself, the quality of the final product would depend on three things:

  • Material
  • Technology
  • Design

But above all else, it is the protocols in place that make a big difference. In many cases, the plastic parts that are produced are weak, brittle, unreliable, or unstable. 

This is because shortcuts are often taken during the manufacturing process. Either that or the materials are recycled or not handled properly or the design was specifically minimal to save money. 

At Kore Industries, we do not compromise on any of these, which is how we can take pride in what we offer customers.

Kore Industries Precision Plastic Parts Service

The precision plastic injection molding services that we have on offer are extensive. When specifically pertaining to plastic parts, our approach has always been to set our own standards.

Whether it has to do with the design, the materials, or the steps in the manufacturing processes, we always make sure that everything is above board. 

This is even more important than ever due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The need for reliable plastic parts to build highly tight-tolerance parts that go into precision equipment is higher than ever. 

This is what we endeavor to provide our customers. We have been handling complex mold manufacturing for many years. Our expertise and insight into the production process and design of plastic parts have only grown.

As of now, we are confident that we can design any kind of plastic part, choose the right materials, and expertly produce the contracted items in an efficient and professional manner. 

The excellence of our services is proven by how many customers have stuck by us since the beginning. We have a whopping 95% retention rate because we always deliver on our promises. 

Every single contract will be handled with care. Every single plastic part will be produced with precision, and all standard protocols will be observed closely. 

We also take great pride in working with our clients to get the best results that they want. Starting from the design process all the way to quality control, customers will be able to ascertain the value of our services for themselves. 

We stand by our work because we have a proven track record of excellence.

Covid-19 Impact on Plastic Parts Industry

These days, the need for reliable plastic parts has only grown due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Everything from the manufacturing of essential medical accessories and equipment, to the production of medical machinery, they all rely on precision-molded parts. 

Every little bit counts and if there is a flaw in the parts that are manufactured, this could cause catastrophic delays and could even cause the pandemic to get worse. With millions of lives on the line, precision and dependability are aspects that need to be taken seriously.

We, at Kore Industries, are doing exactly this. And we can assure our customers nothing is taken for granted and all our customers’ confidence is hard earned.


Kore Industries has the manufacturing technology, the high standards, and the track record to produce plastic parts with industry leading precision. This is essential because:

  • Plastic parts are used in most products.
  • The Covid-19 crisis has increased the demand for plastic parts.
  • Kore Industries has a proven history of delivering satisfactory results.
  • Quality and precision are incredibly important.
  • Kore Industries keep high standards in manufacturing.

Whether you are looking for contract manufacturing for your plastic parts needs or want to know more about precision plastic injection molding, Kore Industries is here to help. We are happy to share our expertise and services to those who need them.


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