Why the Automotive Industry is One of the Most Advanced Manufacturing Sectors Worldwide Today

Valued at $2 trillion in 2018, the worldwide automotive industry is a massive, ever-changing, and lucrative market that requires immense precision, manufacturing, and organization today. Despite being this enormous, the basic automotive mold manufacturer has learned how to maintain quality, improve safety, and aid in the reduction of environmental impacts, all thanks to injection molded plastic.

How have these automotive parts manufacturers made such an impactful change? Let’s check it out below.


The State of The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is regarded as one of the most advanced manufacturing sectors in the U.S., specifically, today. From the incorporation of plastic injection molds that are used to create essential vehicle parts, over and over again, these companies have been able to increase their output, test out more prototypes, and work towards newer, greener solutions that are better for the planet.

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Why? Because plastic injection molds have proven to be durable, flexible, strong (up to 10,000 cycles), and quick.

Through the automotive parts manufacturers’ reliance on injection molded plastic, they have been able to do the following:

  • Improve Safety: Due to the accuracy of plastic molding, those working in the automotive industry have been able to improve the safety of moving vehicles with crash-technology and other features that make it safer to be out on the road.
  • Increase Fuel Efficiency: Automotive parts manufacturers are always looking for new ways to make vehicles more fuel efficient. This is both good for the environment, and helps the owner save money they normally spent on gas.
  • Use Alternative Fuel Sources: Innovators are quickly looking for new ways to power up vehicles without relying on fossil fuels as the source. This is going to require a new kind of engine structure, which can be entirely manufacturer with injection molding.
  • Reduce Environmental Impacts: The climate crisis worldwide is something hard to ignore today. Greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to the warming of the atmosphere, which is why smarter, leaner, and alternative automotive creations can help the planet as we move forward.


 Thanks to the speed and flexibility of a typical automotive mold manufacturer, companies don’t have to wait months for their steel mold to solidify. In just days, they can test out new ideas and work towards creative solutions that our world desperately needs.

If you’re looking for an automotive molding manufacturer, here at Kore Industries, we can create the injection plastic molding you need to revolutionize your operation into the future. Ready to get started?

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