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Welcome back for a brand new discussion about a common type of plastic gear. The helical gear is a unique type of plastic gear that has a variety of potential applications. And while it might not be as common as the spur gear or the worm gear, they are still integral components to a variety of different small appliances and pieces of machinery. Designed to excel in quiet operation, helical gears are often a popular choice amongst our customers. In today’s article, we’re going to talk a bit more about the helical hear. We’ll discuss its fundamental identifying characteristics at length, we’ll talk about the main use cases for helical gears, and we’ll talk about some of its advantages.

Here at Kore Industries, we’re proud to be your tested, trusted, and proven partner for all of your plastic gear needs. Throughout our time in business, we’ve worked with a number of customers to provide them with the unique helical gear solutions that they need for their end products. With a wide variety of sizes and customization options available, we always have an option ready for you and you r product team.

What Is The Helical Gear

If you’ve been following us since our earlier series titled, Plastic Gears 101, then you may be somewhat familiar with the helical gear. In the second part of that 3-part series, we described the helical gear as a particular type of gear that requires a parallel shaft. Helical gears take on a cylindrical form, but they feature an angled gear profile. Designed to transmit high loads, these are best in high-speed situations because they’re based off of an axial-based thrust force.

One of the defining characteristics is that they perform exceptionally well in quiet operation. The unique angled profile of the teeth pave the way for a smooth operation motion that reduces noise and friction, making it a prime choice for a number of different real-world applications.

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Where Are Helical Gears Most Commonly Used?

More often than not, helical gears are used in automotive transmissions as a more efficient replacement to the more common spur gears that are found in automotive transmissions. Here at Kore Industries, we’ve built our business around automotive businesses. Building upon the need for more advanced, quiet, and efficient transmission gears, the automotive industry has taken by storm and each and every day, our team remains committed to bringing our clients the most durable helical gears available in the market.

Helical Gear Advantages

As mentioned earlier, these are becoming the go-to replacement for the spur gears commonly found in automotive transmissions. This is due to the number of advantages that offer. For instance, spur gears are not able to generate axial thrust force. However, due to the angled twist in the tooth profile, they do have the ability to produce axial thrust force.

Similarly, due to the unique angles of the gear teeth, one could actually mesh two different gears along a perpendicular plane as opposed to a parallel plane. This can only be done when the angles of each gear tooth profile are correctly meshed, but when done so, you can adjust the rotation angle of your gears by as much as 90 degrees.

This unique advantage often serves as a major reason why our customers opt for gears in their gear train designs.

Choose Kore Industries For Your Helical Gear Needs

Here at Kore Industries, we’re proud to be considered an industry leader in the design and manufacture of plastic helical gears. Today, we remain confident that we can work with you to ensure that your new order of helical gears seamlessly aligns with your unique project specifications. With such a wide range of potential use cases, you can rest assured knowing that our team of professionals will always do everything they can to help you leverage the advantages of helical gears.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our helical gears, we encourage you to get in touch with our team directly. From there, you can speak with a member from our team who would be more than happy to tell you more about our helical gears, our production process, and your customization options. We’re always willing to do whatever we can to help you bring your unique products to life. Fill us in on your requirements, and we’ll be sure to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started.

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