What Are Worm Gears? How Are They Made? What Are They Used For?

In our previous series titled Plastic Gears 101, we introduced a number of specialized plastic gears. Here at Kore Industries, we produce a wide variety of plastic gears – each with its own unique identifying characteristics, and unique features that make them integral components to a variety of products, appliances, and industrial machinery. In this new series titled Worm Gears 101, we’d like to introduce a brand new type of plastic gear that we haven’t talked about yet.

In this short, 2-part series, we’re going to discuss worm gears at length. We’ll talk about things like the worm gearbox, the worm gear motor, and plastic worm gears. We’ll even talk a bit about the different real-world application for worm gears, in addition to how we produce them here at Kore industries, and what they’re actually used for out in the field. Before we get to that, let’s take a look at the fundamental definition of a worm gear.

What-are-worm-gears1.pngWhat Are Worm Gears?

These are a particular type of specialized plastic gear. They’re specifically designed in a worm and worm wheel combination configuration that features a simple shaft and screw profile. While they’re commonly produced in cylindrical form, we also manufacture these specialized gears in an hourglass form. This unique form gives the user comprehensive control over the contact ratio between gears.

What Is A Worm Gearbox?

Also known as a worm drive, a worm gear motor, or a worm gear set – is a unique contraption that blends two different types of movement. A worm gearbox features a worm screw and a worm wheel. While the worm screw features a cylindrical shape, the worm wheel features a circular shape with angled teeth. When the worm screw is placed on top of a vertical worm wheel, the teeth mesh together to perpendicular facilitate motion.

When Do Worm Gears Come In Handy?

While we don’t get to see worms gears that much, they’re really quite common! They’re especially useful when the user needs to determine the unique rotational speed of the gear or the screw. In addition, worm gears pave the way for higher torque to be transmitted with each rotation. You can find these types of gears in everything from household devices and appliances, to heavy machinery. And in fact, if you’re a guitar player, then you should be particularly familiar with a gear because they’re integral components of the tuning mechanism that keeps your guitar strings in tune!

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What Are Worm Gears Used For?

They are quite common and they can be produced at a variety of different sizes, which makes them highly applicable in a number of different real-world devices and pieces of machinery. For example, guitars, bass guitars, banjos, mandolins, and other stringed instruments take advantage of the worm gear for the purposes of tuning the strings to the appropriate key. One of the key unique features of the worm gear is that it can be locked in to maintain a specific amount of torque and resistance, making it perfect for controlling the tension of a string on a guitar.

Aside from musical instruments, it can be found on everything from elevators and lifts, to large trucks and off-road vehicles that require different amounts of torque distributed to each wheel depending on the action that the driver of the vehicle is trying to perform.

They are even used to power things like gates and conveyor belts. At the end of the day, they can be found in a number of the devices and appliances that we depend on each and every day. And with that said, Kore Industries is proud to be your end-to-end  manufacturers.

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