Everything You Need to Know About the Market for Custom Spur Gears for the Next 10 Years

Custom spur gears are increasingly becoming in demand, not just in industrial sector, but also in the healthcare space, food industry and many more applications. Spur gears are actually the most commonly used gears in the power delivery and drive market.

These gears have straight teeth and are used to change the force and speed of a rotating axle. With this power and motion delivery function, the spur gears can be used in countless machinery, including automobiles, MRI machines and household appliances.

Industries that buy spur gears for their machines and devices contribute greatly to its accelerating growth today. Now, let us know what the future holds for spur gears.

Market Forecast for Spur Gears

Metal and plastic spur gears suppliers are reveling in the fact that spur gears are showing a bright future in the market. While statistics show varied results from all over the globe, it is clear that spur gears are quite popular in every industry.

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Specifically, here are some reports that we have compiled.

  • In the past few years, the demand for spur gears has soared significantly. This is mainly due to the growth of the industrial sector and the rise in urbanization.
  • China and India are increasing the demand for spur gears within the Asia Pacific region. The smart devices market, as well as the increasing internet-connectedness of household appliances and buildings, also play a big part in this increased demand.
  • Plastic spur gears will show great growth in the near future.
  • The automotive industry is making and will continue to make a great impact on the spur gear market. Gears are widely used in almost every sector of the automotive process, thus its booming growth.
  • Utilization of gears in every machine in the mining and construction industries is expected to continue. And this will positively affect the market for spur gears.
  • Use of lightweight gears or metal to plastic conversion of gears is expected to grow significantly in the next years. The growth for plastic gears fits into the overall weight reduction trend for automobiles worldwide to fulfill emissions requirements enforced by governments.
  • Use of advance technology and polymer science to create lightweight spur gears is anticipated to positively affect the growth of the spur gear industry.
  • When it comes to regional growth of the spur gear market, North America is anticipated to show the most growth. Other regions, namely Latin America, Europe, Russia, Japan, Asia Pacific region, Middle East and Arabian states would show considerable growth as well.

With this exponential growth to be witnessed on spur gears demand, the gears should be built using cost-effective and durable materials; i.e. engineering plastics. Gears that are molded with suitably selected plastic materials would allow the gears to stand up to the beating of whatever applications that they are put through.

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