Customized Spur Gears & Plastic Injection Molded Gears

Welcome back to our ongoing series, Spur Gears 101. In the final part of this series, we’re planning to talk about how you can go about ordering your very own customized spur gears through our plastic injection molding process. In the previous two installments from this series, we talked about the specifics of spur gears, their potential use cases, the differences between steel spur gears and plastic spur gears, and the ways in which spur gears can function both for small household appliances and for massive pieces of industrial machinery that include everything from robots to massive wind turbines and hydroelectric power generating plants.

Today, we’re going to talk more about the process of designing and manufacturing custom plastic spur gears. Here at Kore Industries, we’re proud of our ability to work with customers on a deeper and more personal level than ever before. For us, nothing is more important than ensuring that we do everything we can to address the unique needs of every customer who contacts us. That means that customizability, personalization, and tailored plastic spur gears are always at the top of our list. Thanks to our unique plastic injection mold process, we’re able to offer a virtually endless range of customized spur gears that seamlessly align with the unique specifications of our customers’ requirements.

It’s time to take a deeper dive into our customization process to show you exactly how we can not only meet your needs, but exceed them too. To learn more about our customized spur gears, take a look down below.

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The Advantages of Customized Spur Gears

When it comes to spur gears, they’re really quite common. In fact, they’re amongst the most common of all plastic gears! With that said, sometimes the idea of something being common isn’t exactly the best practical solution. Here at Kore Industries, we work with a number of clients to provide them with the customized spur gears that they need to achieve torque or power transmission within their unique products.

Our plastic gear experts work with our clients to understand their unique specifications, so that they can design a completely customized spur gear sets. From there, we work to address aspects like size, tooth count, form, and even raw materials. With our unique plastic injection mold process, we fabricate molds of all of our custom spur gears and then produce them using a raw material of our customers’ preference. But before we get more into that, what exactly does our plastic injection mold process entail?

The Plastic Injection Mold Process

Plastic injection molds are customized with shapes that we manufacture according to 3 dimensional CAD models or precision gear parameters that our clients provide to us. From there, our clients are able to purchase our molds and use them to produce custom plastic gears that are entirely made to their specific set of parameters.

Our specialized tooling fabrication capabilities for precision gear injections molds and molding puts us in a unique position to be your spur gear supplier for the long haul. For our clients, there’s truly no better option. Whenever our clients contact us to inquire about their own customized spur gears, we are always sure to mention our plastic injection mold process. Having your own special mold offers tremendous benefits for reproduction purposes later on down the line.

After all, when it’s time to grow and scale your business, you’ll need more of your custom plastic spur gears – so why not make the process easy, convenient, and stress free? All you have to do is fill us in on the unique specifications and requirements for your spur gears, and our team of experts will get to work designing your mold.

Your Comprehensive Plastic Spur Gear Suppliers

Here at Kore Industries, we’re proud to be considered an industry leader within the domain of plastic gears. Throughout our time in business, we’ve spent our time developing our technical capabilities, scaling our production process, and doing everything that we can to ensure that we not only meet the needs of our clients, but that we exceed them too. With each and every project, you can rest assured that you’ll receive an unmatched level of quality and one of the most comprehensive customer support experiences that you’ve ever received from a manufacturing partner.

When it comes to what we do, we’re proud to do it for you and your business.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our customized spur gears or if you’d like to inquire about our plastic injection mold process, contact us directly and speak with a member from our team. We’d be happy to share more information with you regarding our customized spur gears and our specialized plastic injection mold process. From there, you can feel free to place your order and take a step back while we take care of the rest.

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