3 Steps to Making Bevel Gears and Its Most Common Applications

Making bevel gears is not an easy process. These tools have a complex design that makes its production a challenge. This holds true with metal gears. When it comes to plastic gears, however, the best plastic injection mould and expert hands easily makes high quality plastic bevel gears than can be effectively used for a variety of purposes.

What is a Bevel Gear?

Gears, or what others call cogwheels, are devices that transfer mechanical power between two elements. They look like toothed wheels and are commonly used in different industrial processes.

Gears are made into a variety of types or designs depending on their purpose. For example, Kore Industries, the leading manufacturer of plastic gears, produce custom spur gears typically for lower speed applications such as that of crushing equipment. It is also used for a number of household appliances, including the washing machine. On the other hand, helical gears are produced mostly for car transmissions.

However, a type of gear called custom bevel gears offers a different purpose to consumers. It uses two conical toothed wheels to transfer power between axes that are cut within the same space.

It has these characteristics:

  • It is conical in form.
  • Its teeth can be straight or spiral.
  • It offers smooth and low-noise power transmission.

Based on the shape of the teeth, bevel gears are further classified into different types namely: helical, hypoid, straight, angular, miter, zerol, crown and spiral bevel gear.

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Making Bevel Gears

As complicated as producing quality bevel gears is, nothing beats Kore Industries advanced and precise process.

  1. It all starts with a plastic injection mold specifically designed with gear cavities.
  2. Molten plastic is then injected into the mould to create the gear.
  3. Once it cools and hardens, the solid gear is ready for use and application.

Application of Bevel Gears

Kore Industries take pride in the fact that gears produced through plastic injection moulding undergo the best processes and strict quality control. Precision gear manufacturing even produces quality micro bevel gears.

Once these products have passed a series of quality checks, they are deemed safe for consumer use.

And when it comes to bevel gears, companies that teamed up and stayed with Kore Industries have applied it for different purposes.

  • Straight bevel gears have been used in watches, dentist drills, hand drills and vending machines. They are also commonly used in food packaging and canning, and lawn and garden equipment machines.
  • Spiral bevel gears are usually utilized in motorcycle and bicycle gears.
  • The most common application of hypoid gears are in the automotive industry, especially in the rear axles of big trucks.

Plastic bevel gears are currently being used in a much wider variety of applications because they give noiseless operations at high peripheral speeds. These gears can be the ones that your company needs for more versatile, durable and quality purposes. But before you buy bevel gears, make sure they are applicable to the purpose you have in mind, and, of course, of the highest quality.

If you want to know how plastic bevel gears can help your company, you can easily get in touch with Kore Industries and get a consultation for free. Be one of the companies that have worked and stayed with Kore Industries for years and are enjoying the quality service and products they are getting.

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