10 Common Myths You Probably Believed About Your Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer (Part 2)

In the world of manufacturing, it’s always wise to understand the best practices for the process you intend to leverage when creating your parts. As you work with a plastic injection mold manufacturer, you want to be sure you’re setting up your business for the greatest chances of success. That’s why you’re doing your due diligence to learn more about the plastic injection mold factory behind your platform today.

We just covered the first five myths related to plastic injection molding. Shall we finish out the remaining five?

Myth #6: Molding Projects Require Several Months of Lead Times

In the past, when using steel molds, this statement held true. Molds for long production processes of 10,000 pieces or more can take that time to be created with quality and precision. However, when plastic is used to create the finished gear, it can be done in just a few days (or one-week). This timeframe can expedite the entire schedule of your product development process, while ensuring high-quality prototypes and regularly manufactured parts.


Myth #7: Injection Molding Can’t Simultaneously Be Speedy and Complex

Many manufacturers assume that if something is about to churn out products quickly, it can’t also accommodate for complex products. These must be simple builds, right? Well, with a plastic injection mold factory, the same compound and complex constructions can also be fulfilled by 3D printed molds.

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Myth #8: Plastic Isn’t Suitable for Injection Molding

Since injection molding requires a specific heating time, cavity filling, cooling time, and completion process, many believe that plastic can’t accurately get the job done. The makeup of the base resin must be carefully calibrated and monitored to ensure the entire cycle is occurring the way it was intended to. But, plastic molding is actually able to meet these requirements – and then some. You can even use a wide range of plastic materials with different qualities.


Myth #9: Plastic Injection Molded Parts Still Need to be Finished Post-Production

People assume that injection molded parts can’t be aesthetically pleasing once they are completed (as they only retain the typically unattractive base color of resin). However, injection molds can be designed so that many of these aspects are corrected, creating completely finished products the second they are done. This can include special textures, and even colors.

Myth #10: Injection Molding Can Be Overly-Complicated and Time-Consuming

Contrary to popular belief, with injection molding, the process can be as easy as uploading a technical drawing. Getting on your way toward a prototype finish is more attainable than ever before, without all of the previous complexities that turned you away from ideas.

Kore Industries

We want you to be in-the-know when it comes to our injection mold service China-based company. After reading along with our 10 common myths, you are now fully educated in the art of plastic injection molding. Consider Kore Industries as a plastic injection mold manufacturer for your platform moving forward.

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