10 Common Myths You Probably Believed About Your Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer (Part 1)

When it comes to something as complex as molding and manufacturing, it can be hard to stay abreast on the information you really need to know. Manufacturing is a multi-faceted process that creates strengthened products and parts used throughout the world. That’s why it’s so important to find a plastic injection mold manufacturer that is right for the job.

While you’re during your research, you’re probably asking yourself: what should I generally know about plastic manufacturers? There can be a lot of misinformation swirling around an industry so steeped in details, which is why we want to look at 10 common myths you probably believed about your plastic injection mold manufacturer:

Myth #1: Plastic Injection Molding Only Works for Long Production Runs

Contrary to this misconception, injection molding can be a cost-effective solution for producing a part at nearly any quantity. This can include prototypes, up through large-scale, or even seven-figure runs. And, even if you are working through a functional prototype produced from just one cycle, plastic injection mold manufacturers can still provide a viable solution.

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Myth #2: Plastic Injection Molds Are Too Expensive


This is another common myth as related to plastic injection molding: the cost. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. While tool steel molds require a lot of time, and therefore, rack up an unaffordable cost, other materials can be used to create molds for shorter run applications. These molds can be 3D printed or even CNC machined from other materials, all at costs that are incomprehensibly lower than the steel mold counterpart. That’s something you can especially count on when working with an injection molds China-based company.

Myth #3: Plastic Molds Yield Low Quantities

Many shops will tell you that a lower-cost mold option, like plastic in comparison to steel, will create low quantities in production – and low quality, too. They assume it’s only suitable for a few injection cycles, producing a small number of prototype parts along the way. Well, plastic molds can actually produce thousands of parts with no loss of quality – many reaching 10,000 pieces in their lifespan.

Myth #4: Plastic Molds Can Be Easily Damaged

Again, when we think of plastic, we tend to think of the flimsy material that can wrap a sandwich or piece of furniture. We don’t think of its density when made into a mold. The truth is the quality of plastic molds can create parts that are consistent for hundreds or thousands of cycles, without any kind of damage or breakdown concerns.

Myth #5: Plastic Molding Doesn’t Work for Prototyping


Due to many of the myths we have already covered, plastic injection mold manufacturers aren’t considered for prototyping parts. It could be considered “too time-consuming” by those that are unfamiliar with the process. In reality, injection molding can easily provide cost-effective prototypes in just a few days, speeding up the rate at which the manufacturer is able to bring the finalized product to market.


Kore Industries

Plastic manufacturers are responsible for creating some of the most durable, cost-effective, and quality manufacturing parts available to you today. Here at Kore Industries, we do just that as injection molds China designers and innovators. Let’s look at the other five myths you should know in the following blog.

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