What are the Top 7 Products that Custom Plastic Mold Manufacturers are Frequently Producing?

Custom plastic mold manufacturers are able to produce a variety of plastic products ranging from automotive parts to household items and so much more. Of course, there are other methods that companies can utilize in making the plastic parts they need. However, plastic injection molding is highly flexible and produces high quality end results that can be used for countless purposes. Mass production is also fast and more cost-effective than other ways. Thus, plastic injection molding is the current choice for making huge numbers of plastic parts.

And at Kore Industries, innovative tooling solutions can be developed to lower production costs without compromising quality of plastic products. All this is done through plastic injection molding.

Plastic Injection Molding Process

Kore Industries has been building specialized plastic injection molds and molding parts for 11 years. It is one of the most popular processes of mass plastic parts production, and is actually the choice of many companies.

But just what goes on with this process that even make plastic injection molding automotive parts quite popular?

Process of Plastic Injection Molding

  1. A mold is first made once a product is design. This is done by a mold maker and a precision machine to form the specific features of the product.
  2. Once the mold is ready, granulated plastic is fed into an injection molding machine where the granules are forced into a heated barrel where they are melted.
  3. Then, the melted plastic is injected into the mold, completely filling the cavity.
  4. The plastic hardens into the final product and the molds are cooled so they can be released or ejected.

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With this process, the top plastic injection molding companies, including Kore Industries, can mass produce many different plastic items effectively and with high precision.

Top Plastic Parts Produced

Kore Industries always have their injection molding machines full and working to mass produce many different plastic parts.

And from those, here are the most frequently produced.

  • Plastic packaging. Produced by the billions each year, packaging such as tubes for cosmetics are one of the most common plastic products produced by injection molding.
  • Consumer electronics. The versatility of plastic injection molding can produce items that are precise, lightweight, durable and of different colors, sizes and designs. It is quite commonly the method used for making consumer electronics.
  • Machines and Automotive Parts. Both the interior and exterior of vehicles and machines, as well as other parts, are effectively made through the injection molding process for many years already.
  • Personal Care Products. Almost every plastic items you find in your bathroom used for personal care and grooming is produced by plastic injection molding. This includes shavers, toothbrush, hairdryers and more.
  • Medical Products. Everything from single use items, laboratory tools and even surgical equipment and parts of machines in the health industry are massed manufactured through plastic injection molding.
  • Electronic Housings. Injection molding is commonly utilized for the covers of electronic components like remote controls and computer peripherals like keyboards and mouse.
  • Agricultural Needs. Since plastic is being used as an alternative for metal parts used in the agriculture industry, injection molding has become their best option.

If you want to find the best plastic injection molding companies, contact Kore Industries and get a consultation at no obligation.

Kore Industries has been a plastic manufacturing solution provide for more than a decade. We are proud of our lasting relationships with our long-standing customers and we look forward to serving your company. Reach out to us through our contact form or chat messenger at Kore Industries today.

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