What Are Pinion Gears? What Are They Used For?

In the vast world of plastic gears, we’re here to talk to you about another different type of gear – one that maintains its own unique identifying characteristics, applications, as well as its unique advantages and disadvantages. Introducing the pinion gear and the pinion rack. Here at Kore Industries, we’ve been producing pinion gearbox sets and rack and pinion gear sets for the last ten years and today, we’re proud to share our expertise with you.

Today, we’re going to discuss the pinion gear at length – we’ll talk about its characteristics, we’ll talk about areas in which is best applied, and we’ll talk about the advantages that offer when compared to other plastic gears.

If you’re interested in learning more, take a look down below and be sure to continue reading.

What Is The Pinion Gear?

Pinion gears and pinion racks feature the same shape and the same sized teeth that are cut along a flat surface at an equal distance apart from each other. Together, these two flat surfaces form a rack with a cylindrical, and the rotational motion becomes converted into a linear motion to generate movement. The unique, two-piece pinion gear set is essentially a fundamental and integral aspect of the traditional drive train. In fact, a pinion gearbox was used in the first commercially successful steam locomotive!

What Are Pinion Gears Used For?

These have been used for centuries as the integral motion facilitator of the conventional drive train. Today, the rack and it set is used in a variety of small appliances, motorized toys like RC cars, and even elevator and smart antenna systems.

These are ideal for giving the user the ability to control the speed of movement. As the cylindrical wheel rolls along the flat, linear straight-toothed component, it generates tension, but it also converts rotational movement into linear motion – ultimately propelling an object forward or backwards.

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With the unique ability to maintain comprehensive control over that linear movement, pinion gears are applicable in a wide range of mechanized industrialized equipment as well as more common products.

The Relationship To Spur Gears & Helical Gears

When it comes to pinion gears, they’re actually related to spur gears and helical gears – almost always, any system that uses a rack and pinion gear set will also use a combination of spur gears and/or helical gears to facilitate motion and movement. The unique characteristics of pinion gears to seamlessly combine with other gear systems make it an integral component and a gear that is always in high demand amongst our customers.

Here at Kore Industries, we’re always focused on providing our clients with the right types of plastic gears that they can use to design and produce their products – whether they be small appliances or industrial machinery.

Kore Industries Is Proud To Be Your Pinion Gear Partner

Along with our wide range of plastic gear products, we’re proud to be your pinion gear partner. Throughout our ten years in business, we’ve worked hard to grow our operation, to expand our offerings, and to develop our plastic injection mold process to ensure that we could offer unrivaled quality, unmatched affordability and convenience, and unsurpassed support and service with every unique product.

Today, we remain confident that you can find everything that you need at Kore Industries. Our team of professionals are standing at the ready to tell you all about our pinion gear options.

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