9 Reasons for Using Plastic Injection Molding Factory for the Plastic Parts You Need

A plastic injection molding factory may not be something that most people have seen or are familiar with. However injection molded plastics, which come out of a plastics injection molding factory, is much more interwoven into people’s lives than we can imagine. There is not a moment that goes by that we do not come across injection molded part that requires the build of a plastic injection mold and molding process: you brush your teeth using plastic toothbrushes, check your Facebook feeds on your digital device made from numerous plastic components, go to work in a vehicle made up of tens of thousands of plastic parts, and the list goes on.

There are numerous economic and environmental benefits that plastics bring, but, unfortunately, many are still unaware of the advantages that plastic injection mold making and injection molding presents.

Having said that, let us tackle why plastic injection molding should be the method of choice for making plastic parts. Read on to know more.

Why Use Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is one method of mass-producing plastic parts. This is done by feeding beads of plastic material into a heated barrel, where the beads are melted and squeezed into a mold cavity for its shape. The mold cavity is filled with molten plastics and cooled down in the plastic injection mold where it is hardened into the final product.

This process has a lot of benefits, for products manufacture, for companies and, ultimately, for consumers.

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9 Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

  1. You get a precise product. Plastic injection molding is a precise method of plastic fabrication with accuracy within 0.005 inches. There can be some restrictions with certain designs, but, generally, the finished product is very accurate.
  2. It is flexible. As precise as the plastic injection mold is, the plastic injection process is actually incredibly flexible. The material and color for products can easily be changed, making it simple to operate.
  3. It creates products fast. Depending on the design, size and complexity of the product, it generally only takes about 15 to 30 seconds between molding cycles. This is a great technology for manufacturing lots of plastic products very quickly.
  4. It requires minimal labor. A plastic injection molding supplier has the option to run the machine using full hot runner and automated material and part handling. This alone keeps the process streamlined and efficient, which eliminates the need for labor and supervision.
  5. It is renewable. Sustainable and environment-friendly methods and products are quite important today. And plastic injection molds join the trend since it only uses the necessary plastic materials to create products. Moreover, excess plastic and even old plastic products are recycled into new plastic products
  6. Stronger and more durable products can be created. The plastic injection molding equipment and advance of plastic polymer science allows additives to be added to the materials during the production process. For instance, incorporating foaming additives or glass fiber reinforcement makes the final product stronger and lighter.
  7. The final product requires no secondary finishing. Little to no finishing touches are required for the final product. Injection molded parts can be molded into the right color and tactile texture as required by the product’s desired appearance without any secondary processes. This is also one reason it can reduce labor and process costs.
  8. It allows co-injection molding. Yes, two or more different plastic materials can be processed at the same time, thus saving time and other resources.
  9. It makes more financial sense. Plastic injection molding is an investment that can help you save thousands add to your bottom line because of all the long term benefits it offers.

As you can see, you reap a lot of benefits when you utilize a plastic injection company for all your plastic needs.

All you have to do now is find one of the top injection molding companies for the purpose.

Kore Industries is the company you will want. Specializing in plastic injection molding since 2008, Kore’s professional and experienced team is what you need to deliver solutions for all your manufacturing needs.

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