Supply Chain & Material

Kore knows that the essence of the Contract Electronic Manufacturing task is the management of material. Achieving the right part in the right place, at the right time and at the right price is of inescapable importance, therefore, Kore and its world class supply chain partners specialize in supply chain design and management including global sourcing, materials management, and logistics tailored to meet unique customer needs.


Lead Time Reduction

With our own logistics team and stable vendor partners, we can source the materials efficiently all over the word by our branches. Where total cost and risk are controlled, Kore works to implement Vendor Managed Inventory or consignment based models.



Flexibility is ensured while limiting risk through a Demand Driven Supply Networks (DDSN) based approach. DDSN is the simplest and most effective method of synchronizing supply and demand. It works by removing raw material or intermediate assembly lead-times from the critical path, reducing excess inventory while providing necessary flexibility, enhancing reaction speed, and minimizing downstream delivery lead-times.



Kore supply chain experts work with each customer to quantify the nature of their demand and service level requirements and model the impact of this information on delivery, cost, and risk. Kore has the tools and expertise to address customer demand variability over lead-time requirements, and achieve the desired results at a predictable, market sensitive cost. These demand pull models can improve service and control liability regardless of forecast inaccuracies. In doing so Kore provides the customer with the information needed to understand the choices available to the customer to allow an appropriate balance between service and total cost.

Supply Chain & Materials Tools

  • Proprietary Supply & Demand Chain analysis & design tools
  • Line Side Stocking for Point of Use Availability
  • International Procurement Offices
  • Direct and/or Distribution
  • Custom Engineered Components
  • Component Lifecycle Analysis and Tracking