Kore Plastics

A Specialized Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer and Molding Company

Kore Industries Plastic Division supports an array of market sectors that ranges from Automotive, Consumer Electronics, ERP Systems, and Banking ATMs to Defense sectors. With our history in  providing high quality tools to the American and the Europe Automotive and Finance industries, our China plastic injection tool and foreign management working philosophy are both superior in delivering quality product and at giving our customers the right cost-advantage.

Our efficient injection mold manufacturing procedures can also include rapid prototyping before our highly experienced design teams design the mold according to your designated specifications. Having an extremely skilled team manning will guarantee efficiency, thereby allowing you to enjoy quick turnaround time and convenient turnkey manufacturing solutions. As down time will incur significant losses, our proficient china plastic injection molding operations will relieve you of the possibility of unnecessary additional costs.

Kore Industries fully understand that all our clients require different specifications, have dissimilar working styles and standard protocols. We thus ensure that our services follow closely to your designated configurations- allowing you to acquire nothing but a satisfying experience with us.

On top of that, with tooling facilities in Southern China that boast expertise and cost advantage, our final product yield one of the highest quality plastic injection molding china and our other international clients has seen. With a range of in-house QC equipments, Kore Industries pride ourselves in implementing tight in-house quality control to assure you the right fit and refined finishes.

All Kore Industries molds are identified and proudly ours.


One of our Specialization – Automotive Tooling – Fine car parts mold for quality car parts

As an experienced automotive mold manufacturer, Kore Industries had its root in Automotive mold manufacturing, we have honed our skills and trained our team to be attuned to the stringent requirements of the Automotive industry.  Our experience encompasses of prototype molds, production molds, 2K molds and stacked molds. We are a specialized mold manufacturer who caters to Tier 1 System providers to the automotive brands such as Ford, Toyota, Chrysler and General Motor.


Custom Plastic injection molding services

At Kore, we also provide cost-effective yet high-quality, injection molding services. This is because we always insist on building the injection mold ourselves to ensure good-quality molding results. Kore Industries’ operations are unfailing and highly customized to our customers’ manufacturing needs. Our China plastic injection molding services is available in Zhongshan, one of our plants in Southern China. Kore Industries has one of the most trusted and specialized plastic injection molding service that China has to offer.


Car Parts Molding

Our laudable services include car parts molding- ranging from the molding of car parts which includes 2K molding processes or over molding processes. Our expertise caters to the different demands of Tier 1 automobile companies. We are very familiar with the standard protocols of both American and the European Automobile industries. Years of experience in manufacturing molds for the American and European automotive industry has made Kore Industries the preferred, one-stop destination for car parts tooling and molding. On top of assured quality, customer-centric mold solutions and consistency in Kore’s deliveries, you can be assured of competitive rates.


Precise metal parts machining- Manufacturing Mold Inserts with Kore

To help with cost-savings, Kore Industries also offers our clients tool or mold inserts manufacture services. For a smooth manufacturing transition, our inserts are always dimensionally checked by our QC/QA team in between manufacturing and prior to shipment. This is made possible with our highly sophisticated measuring equipments such as the CMM in our plant. Our tool inserts manufacture solution assure you of high cost-savings, and a first-rate inserts that will fit perfect with your mold base in your home country.

Kore Industries’ will not only ensure you one of most cost- effective mold manufacturing processes outsourced, but also assure you of top-quality injection molded parts produced on your end.

Other metal parts machining services we have provided to past customers included machining aluminum and other metal spare parts to simply just logo cutting for finished metal products we box-built for. Other high-precision as requested by our customers are also done to precision and quality-assured by our QC/QA team. At Kore, a detailed dimensional report can be requested and done because we have in our plant, CMM and other QC/QA machines and facilities.