Company Overview

Kore Industries – Your Manufacturing Solutions Provider

Kore Industries is one of the most reputable companies in Asia that promises only the most committed Plastic Injection Mold manufacturing, Custom Injection Molding, car parts molding, PCBA and Box-Build Assembly services. Our many retaining customers are true testaments to our commitment.

With our beginnings in 2003 as a mold manufacturer vendor to Tier 1 Systems Suppliers of Automotive makers in USA, we have gone a long way since. Back then, we knew that successful deliveries involve careful planning and intimate knowledge of the different protocols and standards for the different car companies. Further exposure to niche projects such as stacked molds, 2K molds and high cavitations mold manufacturing made our team very unique in their technical know-how in Asia today.

Other than our main office in Singapore, we have tooling and molding plants in Southern China, and operating offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Company Milestones

  • 2003 – Kore Industries was inaugurated. Its main service portfolio includes designing and manufacturing plastic injection molds for the TIER I Automotive industries. Products are made for brands like General Motor, Ford, Chrysler, Audi, Honda and Toyota.
  • 2005 – Due to increasing demand from our customers, Kore Dongguan, the tooling site specializing in high-demand and high-precision mold tooling was inaugurated.
  • 2005 – The company has also garnered production of plastic parts’ contracts which expanded its Plastic portfolio. Kore Plastics Business unit was established to differentiate itself from the Electronics department established in the same year.
  • 2005 – Kore Hong Kong was also established in the same year to focus on the Sales and Marketing of a new business unit – Kore Electronics.
  • 2006 – With growing engineering team and experience, the company made a strategic decision to go into product development . This is greatly complimented by its Plastic Mold Tooling, Contract Manufacturing as well as Electronics experience.
  • 2007 – It was a natural progression for Kore Industries to include box-build assembly a year later.
  • To date – Kore’s portfolio today has grown from just Automotive to include other industries such as Lifestyle Electronics, Alternative Energy, Defense and Security, Pharmaceutical , Communications, Banking and ERP Tap systems products.